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“Pro-Choice” Americans at a record low

May 27, 2012


By Jill on 5.25.2012 According to a recent Gallup poll, the percentage of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” is at an all-time low of 41%. By contrast, 50% of Americans ID as pro-life. Of course, the pro-life/pro-choice monikers don’t really say much about one’s actual views on the legality or morality of abortion. Lots of […]

Irish Government Defeats ‘Woman’s Life At Risk’ Abortion Bill

April 20, 2012


by Steve WilliamsApril 19, 2012 The Irish Government has led a 111-20 defeat on a vital abortion access bill that would legislate a woman’s right to seek a termination if her life is in danger from the pregnancy. The bill, a private member bill put forward by Clare Daly of the Socialist Party, aimed to […]

Sign the petition against ABORT67

April 18, 2012


Posted on 17 April 2012Holly PeacockWVoN co-editor As the abortion debate continues in the UK, the focus for many pro-choice supporters is now on the actions of anti-abortion group ABORT67. The activist group, which is based in Brighton on England’s south coast, “seeks to change the way we think about abortion” and wants the reversal […]

No One Called Me a Slut

April 15, 2012


By SUSAN HEATHPublished: April 14, 2012 TWO weeks ago, a bomb went off outside a Wisconsin abortion center. In recent years, several states have passed or tried to pass laws requiring women seeking legal, constitutionally protected procedures to first undergo medical examinations. A young woman has been called a slut after testifying in favor of […]

Volunteer Abortion Funds Ramp Up in New York, Nationally

April 13, 2012


Reblogged from Feministe By Mary Lou Greenberg, cross-posted from On The Issues Magazine.4.12.2012  When two Barnard college students arrived to escort patients into a New York City abortion clinic one winter day in 2001, they had no idea their experience would affect the lives of over 700 women. And that number grows daily. As the […]

Anti-abortion climate ‘will deter new generation of doctors’

April 2, 2012


British Pregnancy Advisory Service attacks politicisation of abortion and warns of impact on future healthcare Ben Quinn and Sarah Boseley, Sunday 1 April 2012 The anti-abortion vigil near the British Pregnancy Advisory Service’s Bedord Square clinic, central London. Photograph: Corbis A new generation of doctors will be put off from becoming involved in abortion […]

How the “Pro-Life” Movement Puts Women Behind Bars

March 24, 2012


March 17,2012 In Alabama, the claim that eggs, embryos and fetuses have separate legal rights has led to the jailing of 60 women. Numerous organizations and leaders who identify themselves as pro-life have assured the public that their efforts to re-criminalize abortion and establish the unborn as separate legal persons will not result in the […]