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For Native American Women, Scourge of Rape, Rare Justice

May 23, 2012


Native Americans are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault in remote Alaskan villages like Emmonak, women’s advocates say. EMMONAK, Alaska — She was 19, a young Alaska Native woman in this icebound fishing village of 800 in the Yukon River delta, when an intruder broke into her home and raped her. The man left. Shaking, the […]

Beyond Male and Female: Creativity, Risks, and Resilience Among Genderqueer People in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

May 15, 2012


Posted: 05/14/2012Jack Harrison, Jaime Grant, Ph.D. and Jody L. Herman, Ph.D. Are you male or female? For many people, answering this question doesn’t cause a moment’s hesitation. But for genderqueer people, this question isn’t so easy to answer, and survey research that offers only two gender options may overlook genderqueer people’s experiences altogether. Genderqueer people […]

What Disrespect Looks Like to Women

May 3, 2012


Posted: 05/ 1/2012Linda Durnell Behavior that denigrates women is prevalent throughout the world. Women are wives, co-workers, sisters, mothers, friends, daughters and over half of the population, and most of these women will be disrespected for simply being a woman. When women’s issues are regarded as secondary to those of men’s — as illustrated by […]

THE UNTOLD STORY – Perils of Protest

April 30, 2012


Reblogged from kracktivistFrom cops flashing their private parts to bystanders taking advantage of the crowd and confusion to grope them, women protesters often go through hell on India’s rough streets. Sunday Times finds out shocking tales of sexual harassment, abuse and molestation Maitreyee Boruah , TOI, April 29, 2012 A31, Minoti Saikia has been to […]

Death of Rape Victim in Morocco Sparks Calls for Legal Reform

April 6, 2012


By KRISTEN MCTIGHEPublished: April 5, 2012 RABAT, MOROCCO — On March 10, Amina Filali, 16, died in a hospital in Larache, a small town in northern Morocco, after swallowing rat poison. Allegedly raped at knife point by a man nearly 10 years older, she had committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist to […]

Where Men Now Fear to Tread

April 4, 2012


By Hannah Rubenstein No man, except for those raised here as children, lives in Umoja village in Kenya. Credit:Hannah Rubenstein/IPS UMOJA, Kenya, Apr 4, 2012 (IPS) – No man, except for those raised here as children, lives in Umoja village in Kenya; one has not for two decades. It is a village only of and […]

Unions take aim at discrimination against Latinas

April 4, 2012


by: Mark Gruenberg April 2 2012 Photo: At National Day of Action Against Wage Theft rally, San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 18, 2010. Marilyn Bechtel/PW WASHINGTON – With Latinas being among the most-discriminated-against groups in U.S. society, the union movement’s major constituency group for Hispanic-named workers, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement has issued a […]