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Human Rights Group Condemns European Burqa Bans

May 1, 2012


by Sam TaxyApril 30, 2012 Photo Credit: Antoine Taveneaux A new report from Amnesty International, an influential human rights group, condemned European countries for denying Muslim women jobs and education by banning full-face veils or neglecting to enforce anti-discrimination laws. In addition to bans on the burqa (traditional Muslim robes that cover women’s faces and […]

Many layers: Examining the complex meanings of hijab

February 16, 2012


By Fatima Ayub, January 30, 2012 Writer Fatima Ayub examines perspectives on veiling in Muslim majority and minority contexts, both in the United States, where she grew up, and in Afghanistan, where she has lived and worked. She finds a surprising number wear it due to a combination of social expectation and cultural habit, rather […]