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Menopausal Male

April 24, 2012


By EDUARDO GONZALES, MDApril 24, 2012 MANILA, Philippines — Q. Do men really go into menopause too? What are the signs and symptoms of male menopause? What is the treatment for this condition? — Mencio B., San Fernando City A. As people grow older, there are significant changes in the amount and pattern of production […]

The power of estrogen — male snakes attract other males

February 11, 2012


February 10, 2012 A male garter snake flicks its tongue on another snake in order to detect pheromones and determine whether or not it’s a female. (Photo courtesy of Oregon State University) A new study has shown that boosting the estrogen levels of male garter snakes causes them to secrete the same pheromones that females […]