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Kenyan Girls Use ‘Talking Box’ to Write What’s Wrong

May 28, 2012


By Rose OdengoWeNews correspondent Monday, May 28, 2012 Some schoolgirls in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, are writing down their problems and submitting them to a message box. Schools are using the information to alleviate everything from molestation to family financial pressures. NAIROBI, Kenya (WOMENSENEWS)–It is 2:30 p.m. in Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum. Under a vengefully […]

Trapped after being forced to say ‘I do’

May 28, 2012


May 28, 2012 Punitive measures against girls forced into child marriages should not find a place in government policies, programmes and practices Child brides are not criminals. They cannot be compared to children accused of committing crimes. Anyone who hears a story of a girl forced into marriage before she turned 18 will tell you […]

Gender and Inequality: How the U.S. Stacks Up Against Other OECD Countries

May 24, 2012


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has just released the 2012 Better Life Index with two new and striking additions this year. For the first time, each of 11 categories that are used to measure well-being will be compared against gender and socioeconomic inequality, giving a fuller picture of the quality of life […]

Rural education offers Morocco’s women promise of a quiet revolution

May 21, 2012


Women in remote parts of Morocco are benefiting from a literacy scheme that also teaches civil rights, numeracy and beekeeping Posted by Santorri Chamley Monday 21 May 2012 Fatima Kadmire (left), one of the beneficiaries of the literacy programme for women in Beni Zuli. Photograph: Santorri Chamley In a tiny classroom at the Maison de […]

The Brothel Next Door

May 15, 2012


Turkey is cracking down on the sex trade. What’s next? BY ANNA LOUIE SUSSMAN | MAY 14, 2012 Under the shade of a tree at an Istanbul cafe, Suzan, a voluptuous woman in her 50s with dyed blond hair and a warm, generous smile, describes how she went from teenage bride to full-time sex worker. […]

The State of The World’s Mothers

May 12, 2012


by Suzi ParraschMay 11, 2012 As the mother of two teenagers, my greatest concern tonight is what to put on the dinner table, chicken or fish, pasta or pizza? A world away, in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, 32 year old Alemeneshe, pictured here breastfeeding her one year old son Ayalres, has far graver things to worry […]

Women’s rights in Mali ‘set back 50 years’ by new ‘Family Code’ law

May 1, 2012


Opposition to legislation dashes equality hopes in West African country’s strongly patriarchal society Soumaila T Diarra Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 1 May 2012 Village voice … Binta Samake: ‘We are different from men; we don’t have the power of decision’. Photograph: Andrew Esiebo/Panos Farima Samake, a widow living in the village of Gwelekoro in the south […]