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Beauty, body image and the media – guest blog by Bidisha

June 1, 2012


Posted on 31 May 2012. Bidisha* writer, critic and broadcaster Yesterday a cross party group of MPs produced yet another report on the subject of what is fast becoming a national body image crisis (see WVoN story). Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by unrealistic, unattainable and often fabricated images of the human body – […]

Here is the news – read by a young, attractive female (again)

May 7, 2012


 Full study at Newsreaders as eye candy: the hidden agenda of public service broadcasting Posted on 07 May 2012 Jackie GregoryWVoN co-editor Turn on the TV news in Britain or the USA and it is likely to be the same story; a distinguished, grey-haired experienced male broadcaster sitting beside a younger and pulchritudinous female presenter. […]

A Real Girl, 14, Takes a Stand Against the Flawless Faces in Magazines

May 4, 2012


By JIM DWYERPublished: May 3, 2012 In Julia Bluhm’s ballet class, girls arrived and often declared that they were having a fat day. Or that their skin was pimply or blemished. Or that they looked disgusting. When she hears complaints in her middle school, where she is in the eighth grade, Julia said, she has […]

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

April 10, 2012


Attractive women should not include a photo with a job applicationMar 31st 2012 You’re hired AT WORK, as in life, attractive women get a lot of the breaks. Studies have shown that they are more likely to be promoted than their plain-Jane colleagues. Because people tend to project positive traits onto them, such as sensitivity […]

Color-coded confessions: Background shades of the marriage process

March 22, 2012


Reblogged from altmuslimah By Shazia Kamal, March 22, 2012 << From the AltMuslimah Archives >> “He is educated, Mashallah …a lawyer, and the age difference is just right. I talked to his mother, too. She was absolutely delightful, she agreed with me on everything! She is sending his picture through the e-mail right now.” Barely […]