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Anti-Abortion Terrorist Claims Threats Were ‘Divinely Inspired’

June 6, 2012


by Jessica PiekloJune 5, 2012 A domestic-terror trial in Kansas just got more interesting as Angel Dillard now claims the threats she made to abortion provider Dr. Mila Means were “divinely inspired” communications and are therefore entitled to constitutional speech and religious protections. Dillard is facing prosecution under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances […]

Please help me: The child abuse epidemic

May 29, 2012


By Karla Kellam, May 29, 2012 A little over a month ago, on April 17, a ten-year-old Muslim boy named Abdifatah Mohamud, was brutally murdered in Buffalo, NY by his stepfather—beaten to death more than 70 times with a rolling pin. The stepfather admitted to, “…binding the boys’ hands, stuffing a sock into his mouth, […]

What PRENDA Would Mean to Women

May 29, 2012


Miriam Yeung, Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas and Eleanor Hinton HoyttPosted: 05/29/2012 On Wednesday, May 30, the United States House of Representatives will consider the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.” Known as “PRENDA,” the latest version of the bill (there have been at least three) would ban abortions performed on the basis of sex. If this bill becomes law, a […]

“Pro-Choice” Americans at a record low

May 27, 2012


By Jill on 5.25.2012 According to a recent Gallup poll, the percentage of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” is at an all-time low of 41%. By contrast, 50% of Americans ID as pro-life. Of course, the pro-life/pro-choice monikers don’t really say much about one’s actual views on the legality or morality of abortion. Lots of […]

What really lies behind the ‘war on women’

May 25, 2012


It would be a mistake to see these attacks as simply a backlash against women. This is about empire struggling for social control Naomi, Thursday 24 May 2012 Planned Parenthood issued a statement describing ‘secret videotaping tactics’ as part of a ‘propaganda’ campaign against the group. Photograph: Craig Lassig/AP Are women suddenly running rampant […]

Gender and Inequality: How the U.S. Stacks Up Against Other OECD Countries

May 24, 2012


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has just released the 2012 Better Life Index with two new and striking additions this year. For the first time, each of 11 categories that are used to measure well-being will be compared against gender and socioeconomic inequality, giving a fuller picture of the quality of life […]

For Native American Women, Scourge of Rape, Rare Justice

May 23, 2012


Native Americans are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault in remote Alaskan villages like Emmonak, women’s advocates say. EMMONAK, Alaska — She was 19, a young Alaska Native woman in this icebound fishing village of 800 in the Yukon River delta, when an intruder broke into her home and raped her. The man left. Shaking, the […]

The Anti-Abortion Push To Criminalize Pregnancy

May 21, 2012


by Jessica PiekloMay 20, 2012 On Friday an Indiana state court granted Bei Bei Shuai’s bond request, just a week after the Indiana Supreme Court declined to review an earlier ruling holding that the state’s feticide laws may be used against pregnant women who harm themselves. Shuai’s case has mobilized women’s rights advocates nationwide, and […]

Human Rights Watch Report Finds Immigrant Women Suffer Sexual Abuse To Avoid Job Losses, Deportation

May 20, 2012


By Ashley Portero: Subscribe to Ashley’s RSS feed May 18, 2012 4:54 PM EDT While the U.S. House of Representatives advanced a version of the Violence Against Women Act that would limit protections for immigrant women this week, Human Rights Watch released a new report that documents an epidemic of sexual harassment and sexual violence […]

Read the Report: The Travesty of Being a Post-50 Woman in America

May 16, 2012


Barbara Hannah GruffermanWriter; Speaker; Author, ‘The Best of Everything After 50’Posted: 05/15/2012 It seems we’re living in a country that penalizes women for:Taking time out of their own lives and careers to care for others Getting olderLiving longer than men According to a new study just published by OWL (Older Women’s League National Board), women […]

Bishops Play Church Queens as Pawns

April 29, 2012


By MAUREEN DOWDPublished: April 28, 2012 Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times Washington – IT is an astonishing thing that historians will look back and puzzle over, that in the 21st century, American women were such hunted creatures. Even as Republicans try to wrestle women into chastity belts, the Vatican is trying to muzzle American […]

Tennessee: Miscarriage Will Be Murder — Legislature Passes Embryo Bill

April 28, 2012


by David Badash on April 24, 2012 The Tennessee House last week voted 80-18 to make miscarriage — or the killing of any fertilized egg — murder. Last night, the Tennessee Senate passed by a 28-2 margin a companion version of the bill. The bill specifically includes all embryos “at any state of gestation in […]

Why the Sex Positive Movement is Bad for Sex Workers’ Rights

April 21, 2012


Audacia Ray By Audacia Ray This essay originally appeared in the 2012 Momentum conference anthology ebook. If the pursuit of pleasure is good, how can it be bad for sex workers, people who are professionally steeped in sexuality? Well, it’s complicated. Over the past several decades, a contingent of feminist, sex positive sex workers have […]

Bumpy ride in US Congress for Violence Against Women Act

April 20, 2012


Posted on 19 April 2012Deborah CowenWVoN co-editor This week, the bill to reauthorise the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) will make its way through congress in the United States. The 1994 Act, which established domestic violence and stalking as federal crimes, and provided funding for victim support and services, has generally been regarded as a […]

Military Labels Rape Victims “Crazy”

April 20, 2012


by Julie M. RodriguezApril 18, 2012 Sexual assault is a growing problem in the US military. A recent report points to 3,192 reported cases in 2011 alone. And only a small fraction of sexual assaults are ever reported. The Pentagon estimates the actual figure may be closer to 19,000. Previous studies have suggested that 1 […]

Breaking the Silence

April 18, 2012


Take Back the Night aims to curb violence against women, empower victimsBy Kevin Osborne · April 17th, 2012 · News “It takes two people to speak the truth: One to speak and another to hear.” – Henry David Thoreau Organizers of the annual Take Back the Night vigils and marches across the United States often […]

For colleges, rape cases a legal minefield

April 18, 2012


Dinand Library on the campus of Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. Edwin Bleiler, who was expelled from Holy Cross in Massachusetts on the day he was supposed to graduate in spring 2011, for allegedly sexually assaulting another student. AP PHOTO By JUSTIN POPEThe Associated Press – Published: April 18, 2012 A closed-door encounter between […]

Uzbekistan’s policy of secretly sterilising women

April 16, 2012


By Natalia AntelavaBBC World Service12 April 2012 The BBC has been told by doctors that Uzbekistan is running a secret programme to sterilise women – and has talked to women sterilised without their knowledge or consent. Adolat has striking looks, a quiet voice and a secret that she finds deeply shameful. She knows what happened […]

Face it, there’s no skirting the rise of the new breadwinners

April 13, 2012


April 14, 2012 Taking big steps forward … the dynamics are shifting towards women contributing more in the workplace. They are women, watch them soar, writes Mathew Murphy in New York, of the female force behind economic recovery . Julia Gillard is one. So too is Sarah Palin. Gail Kelly has grown to become one […]

On Shaima Alawadi, family violence, and hate crimes

April 10, 2012


By Karla Kellam, April 9, 2012 As the facts about the Shaima Alawadi murder case continue to trickle in, it appears more and more that she was the victim of family violence, rather than a hate crime. As somebody who works to prevent family violence at Project Sakinah, this does not come as a surprise […]

A 365 Day-a-Year Problem

April 6, 2012


04/ 4/2012K. SujataPresident/CEO, Chicago Foundation for Women A month of sexual assault awareness is good, but what women really need is year-round action. If you are reading this, chances are you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. You are probably also mindful of the startling statistics: rape harms one in five women in […]

"What Killed Shaima Alawadi?" followed by "’One Million Hijabs for Shaima:’ Women worldwide of all faiths post pictures of themselves in headscarves after race hate murder"

April 4, 2012


April 4th, 2012 This post was written by guest contributor Maheen Nusrat. On March 24th, 2012, a 32-year-old Iraqi-American woman, Shaima Alawadi, passed away. She been found three days earlier by her 17-year-old daughter, brutally beaten in her home with a note next to her that said, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.” The […]

Financiers and Sex Trafficking

April 1, 2012


By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOFPublished: March 31, 2012 Damon Winter/The New York TimesNicholas D. Kristof THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called This emporium for girls and women — some under age or forced into prostitution — is in turn owned by […]

American Muslims Women behaving badly in mosques

March 2, 2012


By Uzma Mariam Ahmed, March 2, 2012 << From the AltMuslimah Archives >> Women in American mosques are loud and messy. They allow their children to run free. They socialize and chatter during khutbas. They rush out after the prayers and don’t participate in cleaning or re-organizing the space. They wear inappropriate clothes, allowing their […]