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Conceptualizing Gender (7)

June 8, 2012


Karen Horney and Masculinity Complex by Azadeh Azad07-Jun-2012 The Masculinity Complex Despite rejecting the Freudian concept of ‘penis envy,’ Karen Horny agreed that women were often embarrassed by their feminine role and envied men. In fact, in several of her essays, Karen Horney developed and restructured the concept of ‘masculinity complex,’ akin to Adler’s ‘masculine […]

Conceptualizing Gender (5)

May 27, 2012


Jung’s Anima/Animus, Adler’s Masculine Protest by Azadeh Azad25-May-2012 Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung (1875 -1961), a disciple of Freud, broke with his teacher as a result of disagreement with many of Freud’s basic ideas, including too much emphasis on sexuality as a changing force. Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist, developed the system of analytical […]

Women’s rights in Mali ‘set back 50 years’ by new ‘Family Code’ law

May 1, 2012


Opposition to legislation dashes equality hopes in West African country’s strongly patriarchal society Soumaila T Diarra Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 1 May 2012 Village voice … Binta Samake: ‘We are different from men; we don’t have the power of decision’. Photograph: Andrew Esiebo/Panos Farima Samake, a widow living in the village of Gwelekoro in the south […]

‘Gender (in)equality not linked to Islam’

April 22, 2012


Equality between Muslim men and women has little to do with religion, says Gönül Halat-Mec. DW’s Klaudia Prevezanos spoke to the family lawyer and member of the of the annual German Islam Conference. Deutsche Welle: What’s the situation regarding equality between Muslim men and women in Germany? Gönül Halat-Mec: You have to differentiate: It always […]

Egypt’s Women Find Power Still Hinges on Men

January 11, 2012


Ed Ou for The New York TimesSamira Ibrahim filed a case against “virginity tests” by soldiers.  CAIRO — At first Samira Ibrahim was afraid to tell her father that Egyptian soldiers had detained her in Tahrir Square in Cairo, stripped off her clothes, and watched as she was forcibly subjected to a “virginity test.” But […]

Saudi Arabian woman challenges male guardianship laws

July 3, 2011


By Dave LeeBBC World Service29 June 2011 Guardianship rules severely restrict the freedom of women in Saudi Arabia When she was a little girl, Samia* would practice medical procedures on watermelons. Back then, her dream was to become a successful surgeon and to marry a good man. “I started to dream of the [wedding] gown […]