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Military Labels Rape Victims “Crazy”

April 20, 2012


by Julie M. RodriguezApril 18, 2012 Sexual assault is a growing problem in the US military. A recent report points to 3,192 reported cases in 2011 alone. And only a small fraction of sexual assaults are ever reported. The Pentagon estimates the actual figure may be closer to 19,000. Previous studies have suggested that 1 […]

Even in a ‘woman’s world,’ gender doesn’t matter

March 4, 2012


joseph nye MUNICH— From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Published Saturday, Mar. 03, 2012 2:00AM EST Would the world be more peaceful if women were in charge? A challenging new book by Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker says the answer is “yes.” In The Better Angels of Our Nature, Dr. Pinker presents data showing that violence, while […]

‘The Invisible War’ Takes On Sexual Assault In The Military

January 18, 2012


1/17/12Soraya Chemaly How many movies have you watched in which rape is a notable, if not integral, part of the plot? Not sure? Well, I started thinking about it and poked around. The short list I compiled is at the end of this article. Amazing, right? I personally have spent probably hundreds of dollars and […]

‘Full integration of women into IDF would be good for Israel’s security’

July 22, 2011


Lt. Col. ‏(res.‏) Zeev Lehrer caused a storm this week by calling to curtail religiosity in IDF. By Merav MichaeliPublished 01:52 21.07.11 Lehrer. “I don’t know if the army is purposely sacrificing women on the altar of religion, but I have no doubt that it is under great pressure to reduce or stop absorbing women.”Photo […]

Rape in the Ranks

July 9, 2011


By Adam Weinstein| Wed Jul. 6, 2011 10:47 AM PDT Flickr/expertinfantry Yesterday, Mother Jones’ Tumblr posted a link to a jarring GOOD magazine infographic with the title “Female soldiers more likely to be raped by their own troops than killed by enemy fire.” The response was huge: 800 people reblogged the link in less than […]