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Kurdish Female Migrants Meet Isolation in Istanbul

May 7, 2012


By Jennifer Hattam WeNews correspondent Monday, May 7, 2012 Life isn’t easy for the female migrants continually flowing into Istanbul from Turkey’s Kurdish region. Those who are illiterate or unable to speak Turkish can face particularly intense isolation from basic services. ISTANBUL, Turkey (WOMENSENEWS)–Sosin and her family moved from rural Turkey to Istanbul, the country’s […]

A gift to UN Women showcases the world’s only female writing system from China

April 24, 2012


Posted on April 20 2012 Counsellor Minister Lu Hailing presents a Nüshu scroll to UN Women Deputy Executive Director John Hendra on behalf of the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations. (Photo Credit: UN Women / Ryan Brown) A scroll, given to UN Women by a Chinese delegation, has showcased a unique female-only […]

Sweden’s New Gender-Neutral Pronoun: Hen

April 12, 2012


A country tries to banish gender. By Nathalie RothschildPosted Wednesday, April 11, 2012 By most people’s standards, Sweden is a paradise for liberated women. It has the highest proportion of working women in the world, and women earn about two-thirds of all degrees. Standard parental leave runs at 480 days, and 60 of those days […]

Kids show cultural gender bias

February 10, 2012


February 9th, 2012 in Other Sciences / Social Sciences ( — Talk about gender confusion! A recent study by University of Alberta researchers Elena Nicoladis and Cassandra Foursha-Stevenson in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology into whether speaking French influenced how children assigned gender to objects yielded some interesting observations. Nicoladis and Foursha-Stevenson found some differences […]

Baby Boys’ Late Language Skills Linked to Testosterone

January 26, 2012


Jan 25, 2012 | 7:03 PM ET | Linda Thrasybule, MyHealthNewsDaily Contributor CREDIT: Leolintang | Dreamstime Exposure to high levels of testosterone before birth may increase the risk of delays in language development for boys, a new study from Australia suggests. The findings suggest one reason why boys are more susceptible than girls to language […]