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Conceptualizing Gender (5)

May 27, 2012


Jung’s Anima/Animus, Adler’s Masculine Protest by Azadeh Azad25-May-2012 Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung (1875 -1961), a disciple of Freud, broke with his teacher as a result of disagreement with many of Freud’s basic ideas, including too much emphasis on sexuality as a changing force. Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist, developed the system of analytical […]

‘Alternating Gender Incongruity’ Causes Rapid Shifts Of Gender, Scientist Claims

April 21, 2012


 By Gary Stix Posted: 04/20/2012 A graduate student of famed neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran has found a group of men and women who report that their sexual identity can switch involuntarily to that of the opposite sex and back again. The transgender metamorphosis, these people assert, can occur several times a day and at inopportune […]


April 15, 2012


‘The Richer Sex,’ by Liza MundyBy RACHEL SHTEIRPublished: April 13, 2012 Five or six years ago, my mother and I sat in a darkened theater talking about a couple we knew. The wife was an executive with Ivy League degrees. The husband had some nebulous part-time job, but mostly he stayed home with the kids. […]

Anti-Discrimination Bill Fast-Tracked After Brutal Gay Bashing

March 22, 2012


By Marianela Jarroud SANTIAGO, Mar 21, 2012 (IPS) – “We shouldn’t have to live in fear. We’re citizens and voters of Chile, we have jobs, and yet we live in daily fear of being attacked,” said 33-year-old Carla Oviedo, a victim of discrimination on the grounds of her sexual orientation. In 2010, after she had […]

Madonna, Naked Hunks, and Anal Intercourse: Long Live the Feminine World

March 10, 2012


Marten WeberPosted: 03/ 9/2012 For most of human history, we lived in male cultures. Men hunted and warred, women raised children, cooked, and gathered or cultivated food. Roles such as these are inscribed into the psyche of many nations and are almost universally codified in sacred texts. Today, we are living in a feminine world […]

The female of the species is more digital than the male

March 2, 2012


Males and females respond differently online – here’s how you can cater to and understand both sexes Posted by Lloyd Salmons and Ronnie Crosbie Friday 2 March 2012 “The social world is lead by women” according to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Photograph: Alex Segre/Alamy Many still labour under the misconception that online is a male-dominated space. But […]

How Gender Values Point the Way for a More Effective U.N.

February 21, 2012


By Alisa Clarke* Mexican women say “We are not spoils of war”. Credit:Daniela Pastrana/IPS NEW YORK, Feb 20, 2012 (IPS) – A growing list of U.N. Security Council Resolutions acknowledges the importance of gender in processes for peace. Resolutions 1325, 1820, 1888, 1889 and 1960 note that women continue to be marginalised in peace negotiations […]