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Conceptualizing Gender (7)

June 8, 2012


Karen Horney and Masculinity Complex by Azadeh Azad07-Jun-2012 The Masculinity Complex Despite rejecting the Freudian concept of ‘penis envy,’ Karen Horny agreed that women were often embarrassed by their feminine role and envied men. In fact, in several of her essays, Karen Horney developed and restructured the concept of ‘masculinity complex,’ akin to Adler’s ‘masculine […]

Conceptualizing Gender (5)

May 27, 2012


Jung’s Anima/Animus, Adler’s Masculine Protest by Azadeh Azad25-May-2012 Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology Carl Gustav Jung (1875 -1961), a disciple of Freud, broke with his teacher as a result of disagreement with many of Freud’s basic ideas, including too much emphasis on sexuality as a changing force. Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist, developed the system of analytical […]

Conceptualizing Gender (4)

May 21, 2012


Freud’s fear of castration and penis envy by Azadeh Azad19-May-2012 4. Psychoanalytic theories Freud Freud made the first lasting endeavor to give a scientific explanation of gender in psychoanalysis, the discipline he founded. He tampered with the seemingly natural matters of ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ by investigating into their components. He realized that gender and adult […]

Breaking the cycle

March 19, 2012


Mary CrooksMarch 18, 2012 Illustration: Matt Davidson. To keep quiet about sexism and verbal put-downs is to condone violence. TRUE story. People hovered in the chemist shop waiting area. She felt one of the guys looking her up and down. Taking his turn to speak with the chemist, he said loudly: ”You can always tell […]

Explainer: Gender Identity issues

February 25, 2012


Image: Vincent Yu/AP/Press Association Images THIS WEEK, a television advert by bookmaker Paddy Power that was labelled as “deeply transphobic” by an Irish transgender support group was suspended from UK television and most Irish TV stations. The Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) had said that the advert made transgender people feel “mocked and ridiculed” and […]

Sexual violence against women is the result of the cult of masculinity

February 25, 2012


A false image of manhood makes men act violently and risk their lives against their own interests as humans. It must be addressed Gloria Steinem and Lauren, Friday 24 February 2012 ‘Neither in war zones nor in street gangs is rape primarily about sex.’ Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian Gangs of young men […]

Beyond macho: defining a man’s world

January 28, 2012


By DONNA NEBENZAHL, Freelance January 28, 2012 Marc Lafrance teaches courses on masculinity at Concordia University. “If we can get men to feel that their lives don’t need to correspond to this mythic machismo, that will open them up to life experiences,” he says.Photograph by: ALLEN MCINNIS THE GAZETTE, Freelance The male stereotyPe of the […]