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Anti-Abortion Terrorist Claims Threats Were ‘Divinely Inspired’

June 6, 2012


by Jessica PiekloJune 5, 2012 A domestic-terror trial in Kansas just got more interesting as Angel Dillard now claims the threats she made to abortion provider Dr. Mila Means were “divinely inspired” communications and are therefore entitled to constitutional speech and religious protections. Dillard is facing prosecution under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances […]

What Are the Roots of Gender Inequality? Women’s Rights, Race and Reproduction

June 2, 2012


Released: 6/1/2012 Newswise — Throughout history, women have faced intense discrimination—from a lack of legal rights and very little independence from their husbands, to being thought to have inferior brains. In many societies, women have long been viewed as less than fully human. American society has come a long way in recognizing and protecting women’s […]

The hijab has liberated me from society’s expectations of women

May 28, 2012


Wearing the hijab doesn’t have to be about religious dedication. For me, it is political, feminist and empowering Nadiya Takolia, Monday 28 May 2012 A woman wearing a hijab. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images When you think of the hijab, you probably don’t think “political”. Or “independent”. Or “empowered”. Feminist? Certainly not – feminism is far […]

‘Women of the Wall’ movement fights Israeli gender bias

May 4, 2012


ANN RODGERS – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette First Posted: May 02, 2012 Anat Hoffman was arrested in Israel for going to the Western Wall to do what would be regarded as a holy act in her synagogue: donning a prayer shawl and reading from the Torah. — She leads the Women of the Wall movement to allow […]

Women’s rights in Mali ‘set back 50 years’ by new ‘Family Code’ law

May 1, 2012


Opposition to legislation dashes equality hopes in West African country’s strongly patriarchal society Soumaila T Diarra Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 1 May 2012 Village voice … Binta Samake: ‘We are different from men; we don’t have the power of decision’. Photograph: Andrew Esiebo/Panos Farima Samake, a widow living in the village of Gwelekoro in the south […]

Why Do They Hate Us?

April 25, 2012


The real war on women is in the Middle East. BY MONA ELTAHAWY | MAY/JUNE 2012 In “Distant View of a Minaret,” the late and much-neglected Egyptian writer Alifa Rifaat begins her short story with a woman so unmoved by sex with her husband that as he focuses solely on his pleasure, she notices a […]

‘Honor’ killings debunked, demystified and redefined

April 24, 2012


Women lay flowers on the grave of a woman killed by her husband in the province of Hatay. (PHOTO: AA, AHMET ÖZEL) 22 April 2012 / ALLYSON NEEL , İSTANBULNicole Pope challenges everything you thought you knew about “honor” killings in her new book, “Honor Killings in the 21st Century.” Pope, who has dedicated the […]