2011 World Humanitarian Day

Posted on 19 August 2011


August 19 is World Humanitarian Day – a celebration of people helping people.

The day recognizes the sacrifices and contributions of humanitarian aid workers who risk their lives to give others help and hope. It is also about inspiring action and considering what each of us can do to help make the world a better place.
What’s your idea that could change the world?

The 2011 World Humanitarian Day campaign in partnership with The United Nations Department of Public Information launches the 3rd annual Citizen Ambassadors video contest from 8 August 2011 to 8 September 2011.

Women and girls are often among the worst sufferers in a humanitarian crisis. Violence against women and girls destroy communities impacted by disaster, conflict and crisis.

Do you have an idea that could change the world and end violence against women and girls? Pitch your idea to the UN Secretary-General!
Go to The World Humanitarian Day Campaign’s YouTube Channel and send in your idea via video.